About One Way Vision

Is Vehicle One Way Vision Legal?

Yes, Sonic Print use only high quality Perforated Films which complies with the Australian transport and traffic regulations. Secondary quality One Way Vision films that does not meet these regulations may cause your car insurance to be voided in the event of an accident. 


Our highest quality perforated film Clear Focus AutoVue. This 160 micron polymeric PVC film has 2.0mm diameter perforations, that is more than 50% open area, provides excellent visibility and ensure safety of the vehicle.

Why Laminate? 

Laminating your One Way Vision will help block out water which may enter and settle in the holes blocking your vision,  gloss U.V. laminate is also designed to withstand the high temperatures and U.V. exposure.

How Long Will The One Vision Film Last?

The graphic can withstand the harsh outdoor Australian weathers for 2-3 years. The laminate will also protect your film from UV exposure.